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Alright people! As the winter approaches
we have began to write new material! Somehow
we missed this awesome review coming from
Italy by Emanuele Tito @!
It is actually a very good summary what Malicious
Mind was all about! Here`s a free translation
in English:

" From Finland comes Malicious Mind by Godlike: at first glance it sounds  
like a heavy metal album, but eventually we realize that in fact, this work
presents a lot more. There are influences from more extreme metal, especially
death, all mixed together with a classic atmosphere of nu metal. Lahtinen is a
singer with great abilities: very good at rapping and you can hear him often sing
in clean or even scream. The flow that is able to create rapping is in perfect harmony
with the atmosphere of the pieces and the moments in which he sings in scream go
hand in hand with the rockiness of the guitar riffs. Sickness and Original Rebels are
good examples. His lyrics are mostly complaints of a social nature, treating issues
such as discomfort and anger. Nyman and Nieminen have probably played around
when being kids: they do not limit themselves to the usual riff-style nu metal, but we
can listen to various types of solos, from the most technical and fast, those dedicated
to exalt a particular melody. As already mentioned, there are influences from death
and thrash (Reasons For My Rage, Meth) and a little bit of stoner. The intro of
Confrontation is a good example. Both use fewer side effects, although in some songs
you may notice some sound experimentation. Beautiful riffs in Shi No Negai, really
compact and perfectly stuck with the bass lines of the other Nieminen (probably his brother).
Ismo is a bit '"behind the scenes" but surprisingly, particularly noting funky influences in his
playing and go hand in hand with the battery. He also takes care of the choruses, in fact you
can hear him in several pieces while accompanying Lahtinen. Behind The Gates (as well
as The Story Of Sandra Jones) has a clean intro, and then flows aggressively in a fantastic
groove, introduced by Alanko. Rami is a drummer with a pure rhythmic pace! It`s games
cash (often backbeat), give a peculiar rhythm to each song, accompanied by a nice
set of dishes. There is no shortage of foreign exchange rate and hints of double bass,
all holding on 4.4 almost always dry and precise. Very nice intro to Artificial Eminence,
where beating drum and tom, it creates a nice rhythm as the basis for other instruments.
In almost every piece of work, what is striking is the groove; instruments spread anger and
power everywhere: scream and aggressive rapping, walls of distorted guitars and bass,
drums, concise, to flow into melodic fragments here and there (the most beautiful is in
The Story Of Sandra Jones). A particularly versatile album, in which the Finns Godlike
give their best to avoid playing "the same old song" nu metal."

We have some songs @ soundcloud
too! You can follow us

Have a nice summer everyone!
We`ve had a loooooong break
because so much has happened
outside the music biz and we 
are constantly fighting against
timetables to get things running
again. Meanwhile you can check
out our new collection of awesome
t-shirts with brand new graphics 

YleX, one the biggest radio stations in
Finland chose us as the "garage band
of the week" and they considered us
to be a very promising band with an old
school flavor of the 90`s! Yay! The article
here written in Finnish.



Tästä lähtee! Uunituore Original Rebels, olkaa hyvä.
Alla on lista mukana olleista, joille suuri ja lämmin kiitos avusta!
Get ready! Here`s the music video for Original Rebels, 
fresh and downy:  s'il vous plaît! Special thanks to all the people below!


Written, directed and edited by: Hanna-Maria Grönlund
Cast: Tuomo Sipponen, Kimmo Ruokola, Jaakko Nyman, Markus Hattunen
Cinematography by: Hanna-Maria Grönlund
Monk cowls designed and manufactured by: Sanna Kiuru
Renaissance costume rent by:
Fire FX supervisor: Matti Hattunen    
Playback supervisor: Markus Hattunen  
Maintenance and  logistics by: Antero Lahtinen
Band flares and torches by: Kalle Hattunen, Matti Hattunen, Ilkka Nieminen
Monks torches by: Antero Lahtinen
Sound FX provided by:
Playing parts were filmed at the fields of Hattunen family. Thanks for the help!    
Running parts were filmed at the location of Velisjärventie, Kuhmoinen.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

An amazing review @ Universo Rock Musicale
webzine! Our album scored 9/10!!

read here


More reviews coming from Italy! Some very
nice thoughts about Malicious Mind and our
band by Hella @! Good one!

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Alright! "Malicious Mind" had it`s own special
release day in Italy last month and here`s the
very first review @ by Dafne Perticarini!

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Site updated! Fixed some issues with
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Thanks for the yesterday everyone!
What an awesome evening! See you
again next time!

We`ll perform live at On The Rocks, Helsinki
on Saturday, August 3rd with 2 other ass kicking
bands! Be there! More info here:

Bad news! The official afterparty
for Rock The Beach festival was
cancelled. We will not perform live
on June 29th @ Bar Bäkkäri!

Great show yesterday! Thank you so much!

Last night was AMAZING! Crowd got
wild and the house was full! Thanks
everyone! Hope to play at On The Rocks
again this year!

Our song Sickness will be a part of the
next Streetcult Loud Music Compilation!
Featuring the music from Nonpoint, Pig Destroyer,
Voivod and Starkill! You can support streetcult in the facebook at:
Streetcult Marketing is a division of Eclipse Records, Inc. USA
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Check out the latest episode of
InsaniTV! Our music video is included
amongst other great videos:

Thank you Pub 29! Good stuff!
Our next gig will take place on
March 16th @ On The Rocks, Helsinki.
See you all there!

Bury the Bieber music compilation is out now
for a download! Our song Original Rebels
is included amongst many great songs from
other bands. Download it FREE below!

Nice! Over 10k views for Sickness on YouTube!
We are happy to announce that our next music
video is under pre-production.

What a show! We wish to thank all
our fans and fellow bands. Let`s do
it again next year!

Tomorrow we`ll play our first gig this year!
Let`s hope the Pea Rock - festival audience
has prepared theirselves for some headbanging!

Nice! Sludge Factory`s album review by Estelle Washington:

Very good one! Lords Of Metal interview available online at

Happy New Year! Let`s make this a year
to remember! Here`s the album review link
to a Finnish culture/music magazine Miasma
again. For some reason the old link didn`t work

Check this out! The dopest review so far
at Lords Of Metal webzine:

What a nice show! Here`s the latest
insanely good review of Malicious Mind
at Behind The Veil webzine:

We will perform live at The Addication
album release party @ Bar Bäkkäri this

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The very first album review in Finnish!

Godlike interview @ webzine!

Yes! Some nice words @ obliveon webzine!

An awesome review @!

Because of the technical issues on YouTube we have
created a new channel for our videos! "Sickness" has already
been uploaded. More videos to come! Check the new channel: 

Another great review @

Because of so many requests: lyrics added!

The second album review @ wheeling rampage!

The very first album review @!

Homepage updated!
A brand new appearance!


Happy Halloween everyone!
For getting into a good horror mood remember to watch:

Give us love and support! Please buy our debute album below.

What a show yesterday!! The very first Godlike album release
party and the crowd was dynamite! Check out these live pictures of
the show and you`ll see what we are talking about: 

Alright!! Album release party tomorrow!
See you all at Bar Bäkkäri!

Our album "malicious mind" will be
out on October 19th! You can pre-order
the album below!

All the drums, guitars, basses and
vocals are done at the studio!

Godlike co-operates with Rockstone Agency
from now on. Awesome!

Today Rami began to record the drum tracks.
We are very excited to hear how his new Pearl
drums will sound like recorded. Oh Yeah!

Godlike + Inverse Records = Debute Album
coming up! We`ll hit the studio on August 11th!

More live shows updated!

We would like to thank Bar Backstage
for organizing such a great band contest!

Niiiice birthday party yesterday!
Great people, great food and a lot
of booze. Remember to check out
our new live photos taken at Bar

Whoa! Thank you all for joining us
at Bar Bäkkäri yesterday! What a show!
See you all at the Kivenlahti Rock finals.

Check out the new photos on Facebook
and here on our homepage!

Amazing gig yesterday at
The Circus! We`ll add some
photos ASAP! Thanks for the
support everyone!

New cool Godlike hoodies added!

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Great show yesterday! Special thanks to
Pikametallimiehet for organizing such a
marvelous  event!

Some new pics and updates on Facebook!

What a glorious night! Godlike
was qualified into GBOB finals!
We will perform at The Circus, Helsinki
on April 14th! See you at the finals!

GBOB semifinals here we come!

Godlike was qualified in a band contest
for over 100 bands to perform at Bar Bäkkäri,
Helsinki on April 25th! 8 remaining bands will fight
for a chance to perform at the Kivenlahti Rock festival!
More info ASAP. Awesome!